Saturday, 28 August 2010

One Corinne Day

Flicking through my sister's old editions of Vogue and The Face, it was always Corinne Day's shoots I looked to for inspiration back in my design diploma days.

They weren't always particularly glamorous, but they were beautiful and 'brutally honest' as the critics would say. Often 'too brutal' in some cases, but that was the whole appeal.

For the past ten years Corinne has been battling against a severe brain tumour. The NHS treatment she received had been unsuccessful and her health was Friends and work colleagues (inc. Kate Moss) formed the Save the Day campaign to raise money for Day to get specialist surgery in Arizona. Limited edition prints of Corinne's work were auctioned off to help pay for her trip.

Corinne made it to Arizona. She received her treatment just before Christmas last year. However, sadly it has been found today that Corinne Day has died.

Here are the various (and my favourite) works of Corinne Day:

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