Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Taste of Mustard

I absolutely LOVE Fall! Okay so I know it's pretty soon to be saying that considering it is only May but I just get SO excited at the thought of jumping out of my summer tea dresses and delving straight into my autumn/winter wardrobe. 

Ah! All that cosey clothing! 

Those cold days (and nights) in autumn/winter give me the perfect excuse to pull out my trusty fur coat, snug aran knit cardigan, thick chunky socks and gigantic wooly scarf, which wraps round and round and round my neck until I can barely see over the top of it. (Slight exaggeration there, but you get what I mean).

The only thing that slightly puts me off, a part from my bright red nose and ears on account of the chilly weather, is the often dreary colour palette of my clothes. Browns, greys, deep greens and purples... it always seems just so predictable.

So this year I am intending on injecting a flash of colour into my Fall attire.......MUSTARD! 

As spotted in numerous A/W shows this year including Fendi, Gucci and Acne, mustard certainly seems to be one of the hottest shades of the upcoming season.

I particularly like it's use within The Row's Fall collection; a tailored, belted mustard-toned coat teamed with a fur hat and crisp shirt. Perfect! (Can the Olsen's do no wrong?!)

Gucci, The Row, Acne. Fall 2011 (


the sartorialist


the sartorialist

the sartorialist

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  1. you've picked some pretty good shots. i mean, who doesn't like The Sartorialist. but, i'm gonna go with the pic from Krisatomic. Nice!!